How we produce our raw milk

Here at Red Lodge Farm we use a free range system by which the cows are milked through a voluntary free access milking robot, so our girls can be milked whenever they feel the need to do so., they also have free access in and out to graze the fields around the farm. We use our own under ground water supply from beneath the farm itself, for a more pure quality of water. Our ladies also have bales of haylage in the cow barns and treats in the robots

In the cow barns each cow has access to their own comfortable deep filled sand beds to snuggle up and have a lie down. They also have large cooling fans that blows a gentle flow of air throughout the barns, for those hot sticky summer nights, to keep them as cool and comfortable as possible.

So no matter what the weather throws at them they always have the option to do whatever makes them happy and our motto is “happy cow happy farmer”